English Native Speakers at NMS Dürnkrut


Two great chances for the pupils of NMS Dürnkrut to talk to real English Native Speakers.


First classes

The girls and boys from our three first classes had the special chance to get to know a real Australian woman and to ask her about her Australian hometown, the culture and geography.

Sharaan was such a lovely person and her stories were full of enthusiasm and pride.

The students learned a lot about the Aussies and could also taste the Australian “Vegemite”, a dark brown food paste made from leftover brewers' yeast extract with various vegetables and spices and the delicious eucalyptus drops.

Thanks to a pupil’s mother from class 1MB who had organised the Australian visit.


First, Second and Third classes

All the pupils from the first to third classes had the chance to meet English Native Speakers (from England, America and New Zealand) from the Austrian organisation ABCi.

The pupils played classroom games and quizzes and the “very strict” Native Speakers watched and listened carefully not to hear a single German word – English only.

It was great fun!!